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     In order to implement the “ National Outline for Medium to Long-term education reform and development (2010-2020)”  Changzhou university, following the law of development of our country’s higher education reform, founded a elite school in July 2012 to guide and promote the reform of the talent training mode, to continuously enhance the school competitiveness, exert comprehensive advantages of school disciplines and to cultivate a group of innovative talents with a solid foundation of disciplines, great potential of development and strong demonstration. From late September to early October, 2012 through the written examination and interview, 50 top students are selected from all the freshmen of engineering colleges and grouped respectively into two classes (class 1: chemical, pharmaceutical, materials majors, class 2: mechanical and electronic majors), and on October 15, 2012, the class is opened formally.
      To deeply cherish the memory of the world famous scientist, Mr. Hua Loogeng who was born in Changzhou, to spread his spirit—tireless efforts, ceaseless self-improvement, devotion to career and dedication to the motherland, and to encourage young students to grow towards talents at an early date, the Elite School of Changzhou University is officially named as Hua Loogeng College on December 18, 2012,with strong support of the leaders in the provincial and municipal department of education and social celebrities, especially with the support of all the families of Mr. Hua, and a grand opening ceremony is held.